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Welcome to Creative Canary, your local Fremantle based duo shaking up the world of digital design. We’re Phil and Anthony, the two driving forces behind Creative Canary, and we live by our motto: we create and nurture.

Our journey began in 2015 because we believed in the transformative power of thoughtful design and creative storytelling. Fast forward to today, we’ve become more than just a digital agency; we’re innovators, creators, and nurturers, making professional web and brand design accessible to everyone.

Unlike bigger agencies, we’re about keeping things simple and personal. There’s no fluff or needless complexity, just us working hand in hand with our clients, delivering bespoke design solutions and unforgettable web experiences. We value open communication, trust, and transparency above everything else. 

Our philosophy is simple: design is a powerful tool that should be accessible to all, regardless of budget. This belief has shaped our approach and allowed us to cater to a wide array of clients, from small businesses and start-ups to nonprofits and community projects.

We’re problem solvers, creatives, and most importantly, your partners in the journey to success. Let’s create and nurture something remarkable together.


We create high-quality, affordable designs that not only wow our clients but also resonate with their audience. We nurture strong, transparent relationships, placing the happiness and satisfaction of our clients at the forefront of everything we do.

Phil La Rosa

Creative Director

Phil is the heart and soul of Creative Canary. As the founder, his love for design and innovation has been the driving force behind the agency’s success. His journey began at the tender age of 12 when he designed his first website for his performance school. This early exploration sparked a lifelong passion for all things creative, leading him to his first professional design job at the age of 18.

His unique approach to design centers on minimalism with a twist. He loves to take inspiration from current trends but always finds a way to forge his own path. Outside of work, he’s equally passionate about music, often spending time at his piano, writing and recording. This dual devotion to design and music fosters daily inspiration and a sense of rhythm that can be seen in his work.

One of Phil’s greatest strengths is his aptitude for relationships. He enjoys meeting new people, hearing their stories, and helping them translate these narratives into a visual brand. This focus on connection makes him a strong ally for his clients, many of whom take pride in the brands he helps them create.

Phil started Creative Canary out of a desire to make a difference. He was driven by a wish to work directly with clients, regardless of their budget, and to help them succeed. This focus on community and a hands-on approach continue to shape the culture at Creative Canary. He sees the future of the agency continuing to support community-based projects, helping those who are making a positive impact.

Anthony Boschman


Anthony is a cornerstone of Creative Canary. As a problem-solver with a wealth of experience from his time working in niche companies, he brings a unique perspective and a rich skillset to the agency. His design journey has been marked by a willingness to dive headfirst into new tools and technologies, always seeking to learn and grow.

His design philosophy is simple and effective: ‘Keep it Simple, Silly’. With over 12 years in the creative industry, he has honed his ability to quickly grasp new skills and use them to provide clients with innovative solutions. Outside of his professional life, Anthony loves working with his hands. From tinkering with broken items to creating beautiful furniture from reclaimed wood, he carries his creative problem-solving approach into all aspects of his life.

Anthony’s tech-savvy background and interest in industry trends ensure that Creative Canary stays on the cutting edge. His proudest achievements include creating dynamic listing sites for clients in the event management sector, streamlining their processes and providing them with a frictionless experience.

What drew Anthony to Creative Canary was a shared value system and seamless synergy with Phil. His hope for the future of the agency is to continue nurturing relationships with clients who share these values, ensuring that Creative Canary remains a hub for superior design solutions.

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