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You may have a great product, or service, but without the right design or branding, you’ll fall in the pecking order – that’s where Creative Canary steps in! A great design allows you to create a memorable brand and take centre stage with your chosen clientele. If you can attract a new customer through an elegant and chic design, you’re on the path to delivering a quality product, and bringing on the interest of brand ambassadors.

Creative Canary are a vibrant group dedicated to building your brand regardless of your business journey; be that as a start-up ruffling the feathers of your industry, or an established player looking for a fresh re-branding. 2020 is a year of vision, and insight, and Creative Canary fits the bill.

Every business is unique, with different needs and objectives, and we passionately help a broad spectrum of clients meet the competition head on.

Identifying Your Business

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A memorable logo is a critical part of your company’s brand, and if successful, a company’s logo helps portray a personality, values, and their position in a marketplace.

While there are rare instances of logo’s that can stand the test of time and be as relevant today as they were on inception (e.g. Nike), most businesses need to either periodically redesign, or update their company’s logo, to reflect modern trends and stay relevant in the eyes of their customers.

More Than Just a Logo

Corporate Branding

How does your brand presence work for you? We’re talking about more than just your logo here.

Your brand encompasses your entire business. It should reflect the values, and personalities that resonate with your target audience. A successful brand converts a customer (someone that uses/purchases goods or services once) into a brand ambassador (someone that believes in what you provide).

By working closely with you, we learn about what drives your company’s personality, values and goals in order to develop and help craft that brand identity, which reflects all these attributes and vastly earns the trust of your demographic; earning customer recognition and presenting a consistent brand.

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Tie It All Together

Marketing Collateral

A great logo and brand identity are a key part of making a positive first impression to your target audience. But how do you ensure that the brand is presented in every ‘touch-point’ of the customer’s journey?

Creative Canary can help ensure consistent, engaging design and content every step of the way! From your online presence including website, social media and email signatures – through to your range of print requirements large or small, Creative Canary can facilitate the impact you require.

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local perth printing

At Creative Canary, seeing our collaboration with our clients ‘come to life in printed form is greatly rewarding! Our local network of trusted, reliable, and cost-effective printers ensures every job meets out high level of expectations.

Whether it’s a few business cards, a large corporate brochure, or large format outdoor signage, we can ensure you get the result to exceed your expectations at an investment that suits your budget.

Creative Canary is highly eco-responsible, and as great as traditional print is, we invest our support in the use of sustainability and environmental printing processes wherever possible. We’re committed in discussing the range of options available to you, in helping reduce your businesses impact on the environment through recycled paper-stocks with print media.

Keeping Your Brand Timeless

On-going Graphic Design

In the face of an ever-changing industry, it isn’t always easy keeping a brand fresh in the today’s market. This is why it’s important to have a creative group like us to ensure your business and brand are kept ahead of the curve, allowing you to remain relevant to current and prospective clients.

Creative Canary is a group of experienced designers, with a broad spectrum of specialities, whom work closely with our clients to establish mutual goals and targets. We tackle development and strategic planning to help you achieve them through carefully executed communicated materials.

We love collaborating with our clients on a long-term basis and will always work to ensure you’re 100% happy with the result.

One of our key ways of effective collaboration with our clients, is the establishment of a monthly retainer. This gives you priority access to a cost-efficient, and creative agency, to help with all communication requirements.

What our graphic clients are saying

From our first meeting with the team from Creative Canary it was clear that we were in the hands of an experienced and professional design team. They made the whole design experience easy and enjoyable. Phil and his team completely remodelled our website by integrating our ideas and theirs into a product that we are both proud of and that is in line with the industry expectations. Creative Canary went further than just our website and completely designed and printed our business cards, signage and promotional gear. Since the remodelling of our marketing we have seen great results in our SEO campaign and a noted increase in online and in store interest. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Phil and his design team at Creative Canary and highly recommend them for all design projects.

Anthony Bosco

Creative Canary have been absolutely brilliant in scoping, designing and implementing our website. Our community fair will be in its 30th year in 2018 and since its inception, it has had no website or web presence.  In previous years, we had taken applications for stallholders using Word documents which were either emailed or posted to interested parties. Now, with Creative Canary’s help, this is all done online. The amount of administration and paperwork this online process has saved is remarkable. Phil and the guys have us covered! Creative Canary were also very generous by sponsoring the development of the project. As we are a not-for-profit organisation, this was a huge help and means that we can spend more in other areas to enhance the fair experience. The support from Phil in particular has been amazing – we couldn’t ask for more! From the day that the concept was laid out, Phil was on the same page, he knew exactly what we wanted and suggested various ways to achieve our goal. Phil’s level of communication was also outstanding. Not a day went by without some sort of update. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Andreas Tatt

Had the absolute pleasure of working with Creative Canary. They designed all the branding and creative content for my business, Outback Eats and smashed it! Thank you Phil and team for making the process easy and efficient. My business wouldn’t be able to achieve what it has been without your expertise. 10/10 recommend to anyone needing a branding genius.

Jordan Bruno

Project3 started working with Creative Canary in 2016. Since then, the volume and quality of work produced has been outstanding. Designing and creating four event websites, event programs, and numerous design collateral elements for each of our many cultural and sporting events around WA. Phil and his team are an extremely talented, hardworking bunch who tackle every project with a positive can do attitude. Projects are always completed on time to a high, professional standard. With their endless creativity, Creative Canary will constantly strive to bring out the best in your business.

Tiffany, Project3

Accelerate Group is all about being there for our clients. We work hard to provide reliable and ongoing support when it matters most, with a view to building long term, trusted relationships. Which is why, when looking for the right company to help us reinvigorate our brand, we wanted to find people who shared our values and could come to understand or business. For us, Creative Canary are those people! They completed a total overhaul of our brand from the ground up, from our logo and marketing materials right down to our email signatures and business cards. The team were very proactive in their approach during consultation and we could not have asked for more with regards to response times! Phil and the guys were incredibly quick to come back to us with ideas and suggestions. In fact, they got to know us so well they even had a hand in creating our slogan – “more than technology” – which perfectly aligned with our business strategy moving forward. Once again, a huge thank you to Phil and the Creative Canary team for their hard work and flexibility in going the extra mile. We couldn’t imagine getting the same result anywhere else.

David Parnis
Creative Canary is lead by an extremely talented young man. I have had the honour of working with some of Australia’s best established talent in the space of digital marketing and design works, such as: Humann, Bonfire, Alyka and Luminosity. My experience with Creative Canary has been one of complete dedication, professionalism, sincere care for the client and a legitimate inspired posture of wanting to create the absolute best product possible. The approach has been extremely collaborative, whilst having the ability to completely trust the design team to produce something unique to the market place. It is cliche to state ‘give me something unique’. The reality is, the term unique is quite subjective; but what I love most about Creative Canary and the young, enthusiastic, open minded and agile team is that they bring a new meaning to the term unique. What they produce comes from a place of love and sincere care for the clients needs. They have always communicated with me in such a prompt and intuitive manner. I highly recommend Creative Canary for anyone that is wishing to achieve high (global standard) results, but with the feeling of connecting to real, sincere people that care about their craft and your satisfaction.
Stef Sifandos

I have now worked with the team at Creative Canary for the last few years across several projects, they’ve successfully designed two websites for me and produced amazing overall branding design for my business. Everything from stationary & business cards to websites is designed and presented in the highest of quality and value. I have personally recommended them to numerous friends, family and business associates with great success. The personal service and fast responses are also excellent and so important to maintain operations and efficiencies.

Lana Pratt

After working in the coffee industry for many years, I heard the name Creative Canary floated around quite a bit. When it was time to start my own roastery and café, I knew who to call. I met with Phil and told him the name of my new business, the products we planned to offer and audience we wanted to target. He not only came up with the logo you see today, but also helped in the naming of my blends and made sure all my marketing collateral tied in with each other. Creative Canary was essential in the start of my business and will continue to be for years to come. Every piece of design work you see in our café or online I’m proud to say is designed by the creative genius. Our logo, online store, business cards, product labels, packaging and advertisements are unrivalled, unique and something I will continue to boast about. Thanks again to Phil and his amazing team for being such an asset to Nero Espresso.


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