Creative Canary bringing wonder into classrooms!

When children step into a theatre for the first time it fills them with curiosity, awe, and wonder. For most West Australian children, their first experience of live performance happens as part of a school excursion. Creative Canary have invested in the Wonder Club program at Barking Gecko Theatre to enable more children to experience the Arts, and help foster a future of wonder!

Creative Canary are happy to align ourselves with the work Barking Gecko Theatre are producing for young people and communities. Over our three-year commitment to the locally cherished theatre company in Western Australia, we are contributing to the inspiration of new generations, allowing thousands of children and communities to experience live theatre.

Our commitment to Barking Gecko Theatre specifically aids primary schools in metro Perth to attend school matinee performances, including providing fully subsidised tickets to children facing hardship. Barking Gecko Theatre has proven time and again the value of live theatre to support children’s mental health, and improve their capacity for self-reflection, empathy, and hope through their programming.

Philip La Rosa, Creative Director behind Creative Canary, grew up with music and theatre being a large part of his life. Through experience, he understands the power of the arts, and that storytelling can have a long-lasting effect on mental health and wellbeing. It helped him with expression, creativity, and solidifying the bonds between friends and family. In later life, he undertook his passion in musical theatre, and is now an industry musician, releasing songs such as Baggage, Pride, and Paradise – which highlight mental health awareness, self, and true love. His eagerness to support Barking Gecko Theatre is close to home, and reflects both his, and Creative Canary’s values and philosophies.

The Creative Canary team are invested in the effective, and long-term improvement, of mental health amongst individuals. We also appreciate the value of the arts in expression, identity, and health – being a cornerstone of our business, and a passion of our in-house artists. We hope our gift inspires others to help the next generation of artists, breathing life, culture, and passion into Western Australia.

For more on how you can add wonder into the classroom, visit Barking Gecko Theatre’s website or watch their INSPIRE video below.

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