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The Importance of WordPress Maintenance

Taking Care of Your Website

We often get asked about WordPress updates, ‘do we need to do them’, ‘is it safe’, ‘what new features are out there’, ‘will the new updates be compatible with existing plugins’, etc. The answers to all the questions, plus those related to internet security and WordPress updates, are often complex and ever-changing.

Why is Website Maintenance important?

It’s important to remember that WordPress is an open source platform that is constantly evolving thanks to a world-wide community of developers looking to improve user experience and keep abreast of current and future internet standards. Given WordPress powers more than 35% of the current internet, the capabilities, and future possibilities of what WordPress can do, is almost endless.


Just as there is a thriving community of developers looking to enhance the WordPress platform, there unfortunately is a small percentage of hackers looking to find vulnerabilities and expose any weaknesses in order to exploit customer security for financial gain, or just to cause havoc.


It is for this reason, we highly recommend keeping your website up-to-date through one of our maintenance packages. There is a suitable package for every website from single page brochure-site through to large ecommerce sites, with shopping cart functionality and secure online transactions.


To further complicate matters, occasionally running an update to keep your website secure and running smoothly will expose a flaw in a plug-in that is no-longer supported by WordPress or is simply out-of-date. Results of such events can range from part of the site not working quite as it should, through to bringing down your whole website. Therefore, it’s important that whoever is responsible for maintaining your website understands WordPress and associated plug-ins, so that appropriate testing and research can keep your site working smoothly.

How we can help your WordPress website run smoother.

Subscribing to an appropriate maintenance package not only keeps your website and your data secure, but it also ensures that it runs as efficiently today as the day your site was launched.

Creative Canary has the understanding, and expertise, to help navigate this ‘mineshaft’ and sing when things get dicey. We will explain matters in simple language, so you know exactly what we’re able to do, why we recommend doing it, and how much it will cost!

Back It Up

So, you like to live dangerously?
$ 30
  • Weekly Backups
  • Phone & Email Support
  • No Break & Fix Support
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • No content updates


We'll keep things running smoothly
$ 80
  • Weekly Backups
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Break & Fix Support
  • WordPress Core Update
  • Theme Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • No content updates


We're always here, even for content.
$ 160
  • Daily Backups
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Break & Fix Support
  • WordPress Core Update
  • Theme Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Content Updates

the breakdown

All our plans include backups, meaning we’ll keep storing your site off server, to easily restore a previous backup point, system or user error (only available to our hosting clients).

Phone & Email Support
Have a question or need some help changing content? Give us a buzz and we’ll assist you in making those changes

Break & Fix
If there is a glitch on your site, or something’s unexpectedly broken, we’ll be on stand-by to fix it. Before we go down the path of restoring a backup, we’ll explore our option and see if we can apply a fix to an issue on your site.

Updates (WordPress Core, Theme & Plugins)
WordPress has a lot of cogs that keep it turning, while we encourage updating plugins and theme files, sometimes we don’t do this in a rush. Before we update any plugin, we weigh up the pros and cons of updating it (if it’s a stable release, if there are any security flaws or if it’s going to cause more damage than good). We also take the time to test updates in our test environment. No need to be alarmed if you see a plugin out of date, there is a good chance it was intentional.

Content Updates
We understand the importance of keeping your website fresh and relevant. Our top tier plan includes one hour of content updates each month, this can include any text or imagery changes.

Prices listed are monthly, in Australian Dollars (AUD) and are exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST).
All of our WordPress Maintenance plans are billed quarterly (every 3 months).

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