Blog: Protecting your customers’ digital experience with an SSL Certificate

Protecting your customers’ digital experience with an SSL Certificate

With every year that goes by, our daily lives become more and more digitized. We use the Internet to do our shopping, to communicate, even to manage our money. To feel safe doing these things, we expect absolute security. We’re trusting these websites with our valuable information. But do your customers feel secure on your website?

Enter SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates. Google uses them. Facebook uses them. They’re the go-to standard for ensuring your digital visitors have a secure experience on your website. So how does it work? By trading encrypted keys, the SSL certificate creates a secure connection between your website and the end user. It’s sort of like in movies when the superspy speaks to the President over a secure connection.

But just how important are SSL certificates? Well, using encrypted connections to transfer valuable information isn’t exactly a new idea. And most customers won’t even have heard of them, or know how to check that you’ve got one. But your customers are still going to expect protection on your website, so it’s important to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered. SSL certificates are vitally important for protecting your customers’ login details, payment information, personal information, and cat gifs.

Do me a favour and go onto Facebook right now. You see how the start of the web address starts with “HTTPS” instead of the traditional “HTTP”? Or how there is a little padlock ? in the address bar? That means Facebook has an SSL certificate, and third party hackers can’t swoop in and nab your Facebook password. The same goes for Google; the SSL certificate makes it so no one can spy on whatever you’re searching for.

So, why does your website need an SSL certificate? One word. Trust. In this Brave New World of digital living, your customers want to feel secure, and if you don’t provide that security, your competitor will. Without that trust, your customers won’t be comfortable sending you their data.

As an added bonus, SSL certificates also help with your search engine optimization (SEO). Simply put, Google likes secure websites, so their search engine gives web addresses with “HTTPS” a boost. So an SSL certificate not only secures your website, it makes it more visible. What’s not to like?

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