Five main reasons to avoid cheap websites

Don’t compromise the future of your business by opting for the fast and cheap option; set a gold class standard from the outset and show you mean serious business by having a website design that stands out amongst the crowd.

Starting your own business should be one of the most exciting and rewarding highlights of your career, but how you do it could mean the make or break of your business. You know the phrase “Buy cheap, buy twice?” Well, when it comes to good website design, this is definitely the case and opting for the cheap and cheerful option will probably do your business a great disservice.

Your website is usually the first port of call for any potential customer and it speaks volumes about what you have to offer. The design should tell people your business is professional, reliable and that your services and or products are the best or among the best on the market.

Remember, you are probably competing alongside hundreds of other similar companies and the aim is to ensure the design, graphics and content are alluring enough to ensure people want to stay to find out more.

Don’t compromise the future of your business by opting for the fast and cheap option; set a gold class standard from the outset and show you mean serious business by having a website design that stands out amongst the crowd.

Hidden fees

Before you invest in a cheap website designer, you should clarify exactly why it costs so little. Typically there are hidden fees and after paying the initial $600 fee the chances are you will have to pay out regular, ongoing fees for maintenance.

When you pay that little bit extra for a quality, original website design you will choose whether you decide to manage any updates or maintenance, rather than being tied to a hidden contract you can’t get out of.

Run-of-the-mill templates

If you’ve invested time and money into your company to ensure you’re unique, it’s vital your website does the same. A cheap website designer is unlikely to invest the time and effort into an equally unique website that fully captures your points of difference.

Most cheap websites use run-of-the-mill templates which are very commonplace throughout industries, and often out dated. If you know what you are offering is something different and special, then your website should reflect that. If your product or service is brilliant, your website should be brilliant also.

Local designers?

So say you’ve met with your cheap website designer, you’ve gone through the basics and you’re feeling the vibe. He convinces you he understands the layout of the local business scene, what’s working and what’s not. Based on this great new relationship you now trust him and are ready to do business.

The danger is there’s a good chance he or she won’t actually be doing the work for you. Many cheap website designs are sold in Australia and then farmed out to cheaper workers overseas, Quality control is at a minimum and now your website is being put together by someone who can’t possibly understand what you’re after because you’ve never even met them.

No ongoing love

It’s not enough to simply create your website, you need to ensure it continues to look fresh and appealing. Your website is the shop window to your business and no customer wants to see the same things season after season and year after year.
By investing in quality, good website design you’re buying into a service provider that will ensure you always stay ahead of the game. The best website designs are backed by teams who are committed to keeping your online presence fresh and who are as enthusiastic about the future integrity of your business as you are.

Valuing yourself makes your clients know you’ll value them

Your website should tell your customers you are up to date and willing to invest in how you appear to the commercial world. It shows people you value yourselves, what you have to offer and the people you sell to.

Customer loyalty will help your business continue to flourish, so show a little loyalty in return and take pride in your website appearance every day. Make sure it sends out a message that says you’re proud and you care.

And finally

Websites are often the crux in respect of whether a business thrives. They’re the vehicle that will help your company weathers the storms and stands the test of time. Yes, going cheap is always an option and often a tempting one, but if you’re investing so much time and energy into your amazing new products and services, why not spend a little extra and get the best website design so it gives your business the credibility it deserves.

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