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The Importance of Search Engine Optimisation (seo) Services

Take it to the top!

A website without Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is like a shop that’s not on a map. After all, your customers want to find you! SEO makes that happen by helping your website appear closer to the top of major search engines such as Google when searching for key words and phrases related to your business, products or the services offered.

It’s important to note that we only offer SEO to our clients who have built their website with Creative Canary.

Put your website on the map

Without implementing an SEO plan, it makes it more difficult for your prospective customers to find you in an age where conservatively there are over 500 new websites launched every minute. To complicate things even more, Google (who currently accounts for 93% of internet searches) constantly change the algorithms by which SEO are evaluated by.

Effectively, what worked for you last month might not help your business now, and vice versa for the future. There are SEO trends which we can help you adopt, and navigate, to improve your SEO strategies.

It’s quite likely that whatever your business, online competition will be a fierce rival. Due to this, it’s imperative to have a solid, local SEO foundation, to help you shift your placement as high as possible, by use of key search terms related to your business.

Industry research shows that web-users rarely search beyond the first page on Google, making it intrinsic to feature your website early and rule the roost!

Choose Creative Canary for SEO Services in Perth

Creative Canary have the expertise to help you navigate the minefield that is SEO. As Your website won’t be found by accident, we have a range of service-fee options to keep on top of your local SEO strategy. This investment will pale in comparison to the returns you will get from optimising your SEO.

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